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Van Pur Group companies

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About us

Over the last 30 years we have been continually investing
in the development of our company, combining our passion
and experience with all the latest technologies. All so we can
brew only the very best beers for our customers to enjoy in
those joyful moments in life.

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About us - Van Pur

Who we are

A Polish company. With global reach.

We are the largest independent brewing company in the country and one of the four main players on the Polish beer market. We have 6 breweries, each one with its own history and character, and the beers brewed there draw strongly on the diverse traditions of their respective regions. Our flagship brand is Łomża, and the superb taste of our beer is enjoyed by consumers all over the world.

In our activities, we focus on building value by strengthening our regional brands and developing innovation in the most promising market segments, such as speciality beers and radlers, as well as flavoured and alcohol-free beers. The private label segment is also an important part of our commercial offer, and we have had global retail chains as clients in this sector for many years. We have our own packaging production lines, and a comprehensive and competitive offer.

By making a significant contribution to the export growth of the entire beer industry, we are proud to promote Poland on the international stage.


employees in Van Pur Group

5,5 mln HL

annual production capacity

6 breweries

Technology, tradition and people - these are the factors that allow us to produce the very best beers.

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How did it all start?

It all started with a feeling about what good beer should taste like and how it should be brewed.

Our values

We are a proven and trusted Polish brand with an unceasing commitment to high quality.

We look to the future with optimism, aiming to put our extensive knowledge and experience to good use to ensure our further dynamic development. It is our mission to provide the highest quality products and services based on our experience, modern machinery and expertise.

By acting in a responsible manner, we strive to constantly increase the value of the company and ensure the satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers and local communities.

Jagoda Iwańczuk, President of the Management Board of Van Pur


Companies within the Van Pur group

All the companies within the group combine specific areas of expertise, allowing us to build a true competitive advantage in a dynamically changing market.

The highest standards

Product quality

Quality is of key importance to us.
Our breweries all possess the HACCP and IFS international quality and food safety certificates, while our products also meet the requirements of the Arab markets through Halal certification.

We comprehensively manage quality assurance at every stage - from the brewing process, through packing, to distribution - and pay the utmost attention to the on-time execution of orders. Quality is the solid foundation on which we base collaboration with our partners.


State-of-the-art technologies

We maintain our competitive advantage by constantly introducing the latest and most innovative technologies.

In addition to having one of the most modern production lines for light and practical PET packaging, we were also the first company in Poland, and just the second in Europe, to introduce Plasmax technology.

In 2017, we put into operation the first beer dealcoholisation system in Poland, allowing us to respond to consumer needs in the most dynamically developing product group in the world.

Partner relationships

Our main business goals involve being open to our customers’ needs and building lasting business relationships.

We treat users of both traditional and modern channels as a priority, responding reliably to their needs. The highest management standards we have implemented ensure we can execute orders efficiently and allow us to maintain a fully individual approach to the needs of each client.