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Van Pur Group companies

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Our beers are brewed in six breweries
located in different parts of Poland.
Each one has its own history and unique character,
and the beers brewed in them draw strongly
on the diverse traditions of the respective regions.

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Breweries - Van Pur

Tradition with modernity

We combine brewing traditions dating back 160 years with modern technology to provide consumers with the right beer for any occasion. Thanks to our varied production capabilities, as well as the extensive knowledge and experience of our brewers, we are able to offer a wide portfolio of products.

In our activities, we focus on building value by strengthening regional brands and developing innovation in the most promising market segments, such as speciality beers and radlers, as well as flavoured and alcohol-free beers.

We have bottling plants for glass bottles, cans, PET bottles and kegs, and are continually looking to introduce new technologies. In 2017, we launched the first beer dealcoholisation system in Poland, which guarantees the highest quality of beers with 0.0% alcohol content.

6 mln hectolitres
of beer annually

Technology, tradition and people - these are the factors that allow us to produce the very best beer.

6 breweries

Their strategic location ensures optimal distribution throughout Poland and on international markets.

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Our brands

  • Cortes - Van Pur
  • Brok - Van Pur
  • Braniewo - Van Pur
  • Łomża - Van Pur
  • Karpackie - Van Pur
  • Śląskie - Van Pur
  • Edelmeister - Van Pur
  • Van Pur - Van Pur
  • Kuflowe - Van Pur
  • Halne - Van Pur
  • Jasne że Pełne - Van Pur
  • Van Pur Malt - Van Pur
  • Górnośląskie - Van Pur