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Brewery in Braniewo

Beers brewed using Oligocene water
Brewery in Braniewo - Van Pur

The tradition of brewing beer in Braniewo dates back to the 16th century.

The brewing tradition here had faded away at the turn of the 18th and 19th century, only to be reborn in 1854. The brewery quickly became famous for its high-quality beer, which would later even be exported to Sweden.

Many beer brands have been produced in the Braniewo brewery over the years, with licensed Grolsch and Special beers also being brewed here. The latest technologies have been introduced into the brewery in order to produce a product that meets world standards.

Its flagship product today is the excellent Braniewo beer, which has long been popular in the north of Poland.

The beers brewed in Braniewo have an exceptionally pure flavour profile, with unique qualities coming from the water used in the brewing process. The plant uses Oligocene water from its own deep wells located within the grounds of the brewery and this water, also called artesian water, owes its original purity to the period when it was formed – more than 20 million years ago. Taken from wells 110–160 metres deep, the water contains ideal properties for producing the amber brew, and it undoubtedly has a major influence on the unique and exceptional taste of the beers produced here.

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Contact details

Browar Braniewo Sp. z o.o.
Brewery in Braniewo
ul. Morska 4
14-500 Braniewo

tel.: +48 (55) 22 13 500