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Brewery in Jędrzejów

Centuries-old brewing traditions of the region
Brewery in Jędrzejów - Van Pur

The brewing tradition of the region dates back to the Middle Ages, and the Cistercian Order that played a major role in shaping local brewing.

Jędrzejów is undoubtedly the brewing capital of the Kielce region, with a brewing tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. Cistercian monks played a major role in shaping this tradition as they were brewing beer here for many centuries – in small quantities which were enough to satisfy local demand, much to the delight of the region’s inhabitants.

In 1817, the centuries-old heritage of Cistercian brewing was taken over by private producers, with an industrial brewery being established here in 1823 that had an annual production capacity of 4,000 hectolitres. Fifty years later, the brewery was bought by Jan Frohlichen, who modernised it significantly, and over the next 30 years the brewery was completely rebuilt – with new buildings adapted for the production of Pilsners replacing the old structures.

In the inter-war period, annual production increased to 8,000 hectolitres of beer, but the brewery was then closed down during World War II. Production resumed shortly after the end of the conflict.

Following the war, the brewery was state-owned for almost 50 years. In 1995, it was privatised and started a new chapter in its history as the Małopolski Browar Strzelec. Its leading brand was Strzelec lager, which proved so popular with beer lovers that production levels tripled in a very short time.

Van Pur became the owner of the Jędrzejów brewery in 2009 and the centuries-old brewing traditions of the region have continued ever since.

500,000 hl

the brewery’s annual production


the date the first beer was produced here

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Van Pur S.A.
Brewery in Jędrzejów
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28-300 Jędrzejów

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