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Brewery in Zabrze

161 years of great brewing tradition
Brewery in Zabrze - Van Pur

The Zabrze brewery has been part of the history of Upper Silesia since 1860.

In Upper Silesia, in the heart of the city of Zabrze, we brew high-quality beer whose taste is as rich as the history of the place where it is made.

The Zabrze brewery has been part of the history of Upper Silesia since 1860. One of the oldest production plants in the city, the brewery continued to produce beer uninterrupted during both world wars, despite the buildings being partially destroyed.

Van Pur became the owner of the Zabrze brewery in 2002, and immediately implemented an extensive programme of investment. Today, 820,000 hectolitres of beer are produced here annually. In addition to the 10 modern cylindrical-conical fermentation tanks, and a bottling plant with filling lines for cans, glass bottles and kegs, the brewery also boasts 18 open fermenting vats. As a result, we are able to brew beer using traditional methods and continue to cultivate the best brewing traditions of the region.

The brewery in Zabrze plays an active role in the cultural and sporting life of the region. It supports local partners and is a natural companion for events close to the hearts of the local population.

820 tys. hl

the brewery’s annual production


the date the first beer was produced here

Contact details

Van Pur S.A.
Brewery in Zabrze
ul. Wolności 327
41-800 Zabrze

tel.: +48 (32) 37 36 700
fax: +48 (32) 27 15 876