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If you are a consumer of our beer or a business partner,
and you have any questions about our beer or our company,
please contact us in the manner shown below.

If you would like to become one of our suppliers,
please use the purchasing platform.

Anonymous whistleblower reporting platform 
Van Pur Sygnanet.

Business Customer Service Office

601 321 892

Contract Manufacturing Service Office

Contact details

Warsaw Office

Van Pur S.A.
Rakszawa 334
37-111, Rakszawa

KRS: 0000231094
NIP: PL 8133392434
REGON: 180020885

Management office in Rakszawa

Van Pur S.A.
Rakszawa branch
Rakszawa 334
37-111, Rakszawa

Tel.: +48 17 22 40 400
Fax: +48 17 22 49 301




Rakszawa 334
37-111, Rakszawa

Tel. +48 17 22 40 400
Fax +48 17 22 49 301


ul. Poznańska 121
18-402, Łomża

Tel. +48 86 47 34 800
Fax +48 86 47 34 810


ul. Wolności 327
41-800, Zabrze

Tel. +48 32 37 36 700
Fax +48 32 27 15 876



ul. Strażacka 1
28-300, Jędrzejów

Tel. +48 41 38 66 910
Fax +48 41 38 62 349


ul. Morska 4
14-500 Braniewo

Tel. +48 55 22 13 500
Fax +48 55 22 13 500

Email addresses

Press Office

If you are a journalist and would like to contact us, write to


If you wish to make a complaint, please use the contact form below.


If you would like to make us a sponsorship offer, write to


If you want to work with us as a business partner, write to

Contract manufacturing

If you would like to create and develop your own brand with us, write to


If you would like to become one of our suppliers, please use the purchasing platform or write to us at

Personal data

If you have any questions about our use of personal data, please write to

Pursuant to Art. 32c, Section 2 of the Atomic Law Act (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1792), Van Pur SA states that the company’s activities related to
exposure to ionizing radiation, consisting in the use of devices containing a radioactive source and devices generating ionizing radiation,
do not have an adverse effect on people or the environment.

No radioactive substances are released into the environment as a result of the activities conducted.


If you are a consumer of our beer or a business partner and you have any questions about our beer or company - write to us.
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