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Łomża Jasne

Łomża Jasne is the brand’s best-known ambassador. A bottom-fermented beer, clarified at low temperature to obtain full flavour, it is a typical lager.

Łomża Jasne is our pride and joy, with values that appeal to the hearts of consumers all around the world.
Łomża Jasne - Van Pur

Alcohol content:


Serving temperature:


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Available packaging

  • Non-returnable bottle 500 ml - Van Pur

    Non-returnable bottle
    500 ml

  • Can 500 ml - Van Pur

    500 ml

  • Can 500 ml, 4-pack - Van Pur

    Can 500 ml,

  • Can 500 ml, 6-pack - Van Pur

    Can 500 ml,

  • Can 500 ml, 12-pack - Van Pur

    Can 500 ml,

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