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Our offer

Our offer includes a wide range
of beers and drinks in many variants.
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A constantly expanding portfolio

We keep our finger on the pulse of changes in consumer needs in order to create new products and recipes that allow us to respond to our customers’ requirements.

Produced from the best ingredients, using both the latest technologies and traditional methods, our drinks are of the highest quality and have a unique taste. No matter whether we are working with alcoholic or alcohol-free beverages, we never compromise when it comes to quality and the safety of production.

We offer over 70 variants of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Our propositions

American Light

A very light lager with lower alcohol content (up to 3.5%). It also comes in a low-calorie version. Refreshing and a perfect thirst-quencher, it’s a great example of a session beer.

Ideal for the summer heat.

International Lager

A balanced, light lager without a distinct, dominant aroma. Well-balanced and highly carbonated, this is the most popular beer style in the world.

Strong European Beer

A strong beer with a distinctive taste, a light amber colour and medium carbonation. It has a malty aroma and a delicately sweet taste.

Popular in the Baltic Sea region.

Super Strong

Naturally rich and with a pleasantly sweet taste and aroma. A beer with character and a high balance of malty and hoppy flavours. The longer and more complex fermentation process gives it an intensive bitter-sweet finish.


A dark German lager that balances the roasted malt flavours with a mild hoppy bitterness. Although slightly dry, it is sweet on the palette, mild and a good session beer. The burnt aftertaste gives the impression of the bitterness of chocolate. The perfect choice when starting your adventure with dark beers.


Beers from a single hop are a true test of the brewmaster’s brewing skills. There’s nowhere to hide with a mixture of hops and malts. Consistent in taste and aroma.

DRG (Bavarian Purity Law)

According to a 16th-century Bavarian law, beer can only be brewed from three ingredients: water, malt and hops. Classics of the genre popular in Germany.

IPA (Indian Pale Ale)

Aroma: very intense and strong, derived from the new wave hops that give notes of citrus, lemon, grapefruit, tropical fruit, ripe mango or other, usually light, fruits. Decidedly hoppy and with a distinct bitterness, these types of beers are characterised by a much more complex taste and aroma than the lagers that dominate the market.


A black beer with a distinct roasted taste, often similar to coffee or chocolate. In addition to the higher alcohol content, this style is also characterised by high bitterness resulting from the use of dry hopping.


A top-fermented beer, light in taste, refreshingly tart but slightly fruity, with the aftertaste of bananas and cloves, and a subtle sweetness.


A wheat-based, moderate-strength, refreshing and elegant top-fermented beer. The taste is slightly sweet and citrous with a noticeable hint of coriander and a dry, often sour, finish.

Our propositions

Barley Malt

This 0% beer provides all the taste and aroma of the original but is completely alcohol-free, making it a great alternative to classic beer. The highest level of craftsmanship and commitment of our brewmasters mean the beer’s best qualities are preserved despite the lack of alcohol. This alcohol-free lager is refreshing and highly carbonated, just like its traditional counterpart. It has a bright colour, and tastes best when chilled.


Years of experience have enabled us to create the highest quality non-alcoholic beer, whose distinctive flavour, a perfect balance of hops and malt, is complemented by rice.

A taste you can enjoy without limitation, whenever you feel like it.


A beer that is full of flavour and elegance, full malt, and top-fermented. Highly refreshing and a perfect thirst-quencher, it can be enjoyed without limitation. It’s also great for quenching your thirst after exercise. The notes of herbs and spices, as well as citrus and banana, will bring pure refreshing pleasure on hot days.


Light mixes that perfectly combine the bitterness of beer with the refreshing qualities of fruit. They taste best when chilled, with a whole range of distinctive flavours that is sure to stimulate your imagination. The alcohol-free beer can be combined with lemonade or juice.


A combination of maltiness with hop aromas from around the world.

Our propositions


The bitter taste of beer broken by the sweetness of honey is a proposition that is hard to resist. Honey has been popular in Europe for centuries and is now increasingly being chosen by consumers hungry for new products all over the world.


A fruit that has been served on Polish tables for hundreds of years in various forms of preserves. Sweet, yet sour at the same time, it goes perfectly with top and bottom-fermented beers.


When it’s refreshment you’re seeking, the combination of light beer with the taste of juicy limes, lemon or grapefruit is the perfect choice. We offer the option of combining our beer with lemonade or juice.


A golden beer with the addition of sweet-tasting tequila and citrus fruit. This is what summer tastes like! Refreshing, with hints of citrus.


Crisp, refreshing and highly evocative of the atmosphere of Cuba. Equally popular with both men and women, it’s a drink that is symbolic of the exotic, sunshine, beaches and a hot summer.

Our propositions

Hard Seltzer

Made from crystal-clear sparkling water, combined with the refreshing taste of fresh fruit. Perfect for those seeking more refreshment and fun with flavours both for themselves and their friends.


A carbonated malt drink with a wide range of colours and aromas depending on the malt and aromatic additives used. An alcohol-free alternative with the taste of beer.

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